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How to Apply for a Property

Completed application forms will be sent to an outside referencing agency that will carry out the necessary credit checks, employment or accountant reference and current landlord reference.

Due to recent 'Right to Rent' laws we must also see original Passports or EEA National Identity Cards for all tenants in addition to ID required for referencing. It also speeds up the application process if you provide your last three month's wage slips. Along with your application form you need to provide us with photo ID (passport or driving licence) and proof of your current address, i.e recent utility bill or bank statement (dated in the last three months).

In order to process your application form and undertake references & credit checks, we will require an admin fee of £180 inc VAT for a single applicant plus £80 inc VAT per additional applicant or guarantor, this is payable to us before, or in giving in your application form. Every applicant to live in the property over the age of 18 must be referenced and be put on the Tenancy Agreement. Once these admin fees have been paid no other viewings will take place as this holds the property for you UNTIL REFERENCING IS COMPLETE, however all necessary paperwork we ask for must be provided for in a timely manner.

Please note that once your admin fees have been paid to us they are Non-Refundable if you change your mind. If your application is not successful because your references/credit score are not sufficient and your reference comes back declined then you will NOT be refunded this admin fee. No refund will be given if you change your mind for ANY reason or if you cannot find a suitable guarantor if one is required.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that complete and accurate information is provided on the application form and all ID and information requested is obtained or given to us in a timely manner. The referencing process should take 2 days at most, however if after 1 week from payment of admin fee the reference is still not back completed and this is due to information we request not being provided by the applicant or the referee then the application may be declined, no fees will be returned and the property may be re-advertised.

Unless stated otherwise all tenancy agreements will be for 12 months.

In certain cases you may be required to provide a guarantor, for example; if you are unable to prove your income, you are between work positions or your credit is a little below average. The purpose of the guarantor is to honour rental obligations, if you are not in a position to. If you think you may need a guarantor they will also have to complete an application form and please note that a further charge of £80.00 inc VAT will be payable to reference check the guarantor. The guarantor must have a good credit score and be in receipt of sufficient income (3 times the yearly rent) or savings. (The guarantor will be in place for the whole time the tenant lives at the applied for property, not just the initial contract, unless the tenant is re-referenced and passes the checks on their own merit, cost of re-referencing is £80 inc VAT per applicant).

Tenants are responsible for the conduct of each/any member of the household or visitor to the property. The tenant will be liable if a visitor causes a nuisance or damage to the property. Tenants must not allow any other person to live in the property without written consent of the Agent. If the agent agrees, then ALL tenants would need to be re-referenced along with the new tenant at a cost of £80.00 per person. If the checks pass, a new tenancy agreement would have to be drawn up at a cost of £60.00 as all tenants must be on the tenancy agreement.

If your application is successful

Once your application has come back accepted, we will then confirm move in dates with you and we will require a £400 holding fee from you within 3 days to hold this property for you until handover day. If the holding fee is not paid within 3 days then the property may be re-advertised and no fees will be refunded. Should you change your mind and not move into the property FOR ANY REASON then this holding fee is NON refundable as it will be paid to the Landlord for his loss of rent in holding the property for you.

The holding fee is deducted from the money owed from your first month's rent and bond. At this time we will also organize a date and time to hand over the property to you, this can be done at our office or at the property and will be in office hours Mon - Fri unless previously agreed otherwise.

The tenant must be prepared to take over the property within 1 calendar month of the reference coming back accepted, the property cannot be held for any longer unless rent is paid.

Everyone living in the property over the age of 18, MUST be Fully Referenced and be on the Tenancy Agreement. On handover day, if not already done, the tenancy agreement & inventory will need signing by ALL tenants and (if one was used, the guarantor will also be required to be present to sign the tenancy agreement and the guarantor agreement).

One month's rent in advance plus the bond, minus the £400 holding fee (if already paid), is required to be paid into our client holding account as cleared funds the day before hand over.

No need to worry about contacting the utility companies, as we do this for you. You will also be required to complete a Standing Order Form on handover day for your future rental payments.

Lease Renewal

A few weeks before the end of your current Tenancy, if agreeable by the landlord, you will have the option to renew your Tenancy for either 6 or 12 months, There is a fee of £60 inc VAT payable by the tenant which is payable to Easy Home Lets for organising this new Tenancy. A rolling lease can be provided free of charge if required.

When our tenants decide move on, written references can be provided if required, FREE OF CHARGE, to enable quality tenants to proceed with further housing applications.

Your deposit/bond

We are a member of The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and if we are managing the property all deposits taken from our tenants will be held by the (DPS) which is a government approved custodial scheme. (if we are not managing the property the bond will be passed onto to the Landlords to arrange this themselves).

You must ensure you fulfil your obligations as set out in the tenancy agreement. You should consider obtaining your own contents insurance.

When vacating a property you must always make sure the property is thoroughly cleaned, including carpets & appliances and gardens must be cut and free from weeds. For managed properties we will conduct a checking out inspection on behalf of the Landlord. You must leave the property in the same condition as it was at the start of your tenancy or deductions will be made from your bond.

You are legally bound for all the rent and payment of utilities until the end of a tenancy. After the final inspection, provided there are no missing items or damage and the property is left clean and tidy, we will contact the DPS to release your bond. The Final month's rent MUST be paid in full, the bond CANNOT be used to pay the final rental payment as The bond is there in case of damage to a property not to pay your last month's rent.


The Tenant should consider the need to obtain adequate Contents Insurance to cover their own possessions and the landlord's fixtures and fittings in case of accidental damage caused by you. The Landlord is not providing any insurance cover for the Tenants personal possessions; the Landlord will not be liable for any of the tenant's contents under ANY circumstances.

We can arrange for Rentshield to contact you to quote for Contents Insurance and/or Accidental Damage Insurance to safe guard your bond from damage to the landlord's property or possessions.

Easy Home Lets are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Rentshield Direct which is trading name of Barbon Insurance Group Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

The Tenancy Agreement is a Legally Binding Contract between the Tenant & the Landlord/Agent. Tenants are responsible for paying ALL the rent and utilities up to the end of the lease & will not be given permission to vacate the property until the lease expires.

The tenant is responsible for paying all the rent for the full term of the lease on which they have signed.

Where the tenant(s) consist of more than one person they will all have joint and several liability under this agreement (this means that they will each be liable for all sums due under the agreement, not just for a proportionate part).

1 Months written notice is required from the tenant and 2 months' notice from the Landlord/Agent to end the tenancy providing the fixed term of the lease has come to an end or will come to an end after the given notice term.

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